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Taking care of an elderly loved one is both extremely rewarding, and often extremely stressful. Providing for the needs of another individual naturally equates to having less time to take care of ourselves. No one person can do it all, and eventually, one or more aspects of life will suffer: our work, relationships with family and friends, enjoyable hobbies and interests, and even our own self-care. And often in tandem with stress comes guilt, making us feeling less than adequate; so, it may be time to consider professional caregiver in Kansas City, MO.

Wanting to handle everything independently is a normal response to caring for a senior loved one. We often feel that we know better than anyone else what the older adult needs, and that we’re the only ones who can meet those needs in the best way. However, this type of thinking can actually be extremely unhealthy. Caregiver stress can quickly escalate into caregiver burnout, which can display as:

  • Feeling hopeless or helpless
  • Impatience
  • Lack of energy
  • Irritability
  • Problems with falling or staying asleep
  • And much more

And while the caregiver is struggling through symptoms such as these, the senior suffers as well. It’s so important for senior caregivers to ensure they have a strong support network, and never attempt to go it alone. Enhanced Home Care shares these tips to help lower stress and reduce the risk of developing caregiver burnout:

Empower yourself. Feeling in control (to the degree possible) in your role as caregiver can help tremendously in improving your outlook. For example, try reminding yourself that your decision to provide care for the senior is simply one solution in a variety of choices, and an alternative option can be considered if it becomes too challenging.

Stop the blame. It’s only natural for someone to feel helpless when witnessing a senior loved one’s struggles, as well as their own individual challenges, and to wonder, “Why me?” However, instead of searching for someone or something to blame, try instead to seek out positives, such as the closer relationship you can enjoy with the senior as a result of the additional time you now have together.

Reach out for help. One tough aspect of providing care for an elderly loved one is allowing others to help. But it’s important to keep in mind that accepting respite care from trusted family and friends, or a professional in-home care agency like Enhanced Home Care, can greatly lower levels of stress.

Enhanced Home Care provides experienced, dependable caregivers in Kansas City, MO to help family members avoid caregiver burnout. It’s a known fact that seniors receive a higher level of care when their caregivers are free from the burden of unmanaged stress. Enhanced Home Care customizes our senior care in Kansas City and the surrounding areas to each individual, including:

  • Safe, escorted transportation to doctors’ appointments and other outings
  • Planning and preparation of healthy meals
  • Laundry and light housecleaning
  • Companionship
  • Picking up prescriptions and running other errands
  • And more

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