Nothing says “family” like Thanksgiving, as we join together in gratefulness with the ones we love to rejoice in the simple gift of togetherness. And, as we noted in our last blog post, central to the festivities is the traditional, lavish dinner that we all eagerly look forward to long before the special day – which, unfortunately, can lead to significant health complications for those with diabetes.

The Kansas City home health care team at Enhanced Home Care has compiled the following list of recommendations to help those with diabetes celebrate the Thanksgiving season while staying healthy and safe:

  • Keep up with counting carbs. It might be tempting for those with diabetes to grant themselves a break “just this one time” from tracking their carbs, but it’s crucial to stay on track and keep carb consumption within the physician’s instructions at all times. A number of apps are readily available to make it simpler.
  • Get energetic! All year long, but especially during the holiday season, those with diabetes will feel better in general by remaining active. Exercise can not only lower the risk for diabetes-related complications, but also gives our mood a lift, cuts down our level of stress, and improves our overall health and wellbeing. A few great possibilities include joining in a game with the children, taking a walk around the block, or joining a fitness class. It’s also important to spend plenty of time outdoors, as weather permits, to obtain much-needed vitamin D from the sunshine.
  • Enjoy holiday traveling. Individuals with diabetes may hesitate to travel too far from home, but by following a few simple guidelines, diabetics are able to travel safely. This checklist offers a great way to ensure that all bases are covered related to potential diabetic care needs while traveling. And it’s vital to pack plenty of healthy snacks, to eat meals according to the person’s routine schedule, and test blood glucose frequently.

If you’d like additional guidelines on helping those with diabetes or any other chronic medical condition to remain healthy and thriving at home – before, during, or after the holidays – contact Enhanced Home Care’s Kansas City home care professionals. Our in-home care services for seniors can range from just a few hours per week of companionship and assistance with household chores to full-time, day-and-night care, or anything in between. Call us at 913-327-0000 to schedule a free in-home assessment to discuss solutions for your senior loved one’s specific needs.