Arthritis Pain

Aching, swelling, burning, stiffness. People diagnosed with arthritis understand these feelings very well, varying from mild discomfort to agonizing pain. And unfortunately, ongoing alleviation of these symptoms is often hard to obtain. For the 52 million plus Americans diagnosed with arthritis, it’s crucial to maintain a written record of where and when the pain is most severe, what activities are being restricted by the pain, and what has been attempted to ease the pain. Sharing this level of detail with the healthcare provider is a good place to get started to put a beneficial arthritis pain management strategy in place.

At the same time, everyday activities can be altered to maximize comfort for seniors suffering with the struggles of arthritis. Try these simple recommendations:

  • Shift your grip: Discomfort in the fingers and hands is often aggravated when lifting and carrying items with a standard grip (i.e., palm facing down and gripping the item). As an alternative, use both hands, with palms facing up, to lift the item. This works particularly well with handled items including bags and handbags.
  • Lighten up the load: Most of us overload the objects we carry to reduce trips, like trying to carry as many grocery bags as possible, overflowing laundry baskets, and stuffing purses with an assortment of objects. Decreasing the weight of objects being carried can help.
  • Get clever: A variety of adaptive devices are available or can be fabricated to assist people with arthritis. For example, standard foam insulation piping may be purchased in differing widths and lengths, and can be used to cover handles on everyday tools such as eating utensils, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, gardening tools, and others. Wheeled carts and dollies work wonders when transporting heavy objects, such as taking out the trash. A little imagination can work wonders!
  • Redistribute weight: Carrying objects held close to the body removes the strain from the smaller joints that often feel the brunt of arthritis pain, like fingers, hands, and wrists.

For more resources on better managing arthritis pain, contact the professional senior care experts at Enhanced Home Care. Some of the many ways we can assist include:

  • Providing transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments
  • Picking up prescriptions and running errands
  • Preparing meals and assisting with light housework and laundry
  • Helping with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and ambulation
  • And much more

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