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Did you know for every pound of weight we lose, we reduce four pounds of pressure from our knees, and as many as six pounds from our hips? This is certainly great motivation for everybody to continue to stay active, regardless of age! In particular for older adults, however, who are susceptible to joint pain from arthritis along with other conditions of aging, introducing a workout program to the day to day routine might make a large difference in decreasing discomfort.

With the approval from the senior’s physician, Enhanced Home Care recommends the following types of exercises to aid older adults in maintaining healthy joints:

  1. Start with a warm-up. Just before exercising, the individual should always start with gradual bending and stretching moves, such as reaching up overhead, bending down and touching the toes (or as close as possible without causing pain), side bends, and moving the arms in slow, wide circles.
  2. Swim a lap or two. Swimming is a fantastic low-impact aerobic fitness exercise, and simply being in the water is extremely relaxing for both the mind and the body. Locate a senior swim class, or simply join your loved one in swimming a few laps at his / her own pace.
  3. Get in some resistance training. Weight lifting can be accomplished any time and any place and at nearly any level of fitness. Resistance bands, hand weights or even bottles of water are perfect for building upper body strength. The individual should start off light and steadily build up to an elevated difficulty level – again, with guidelines from the doctor.
  4. Take a hike. There is nothing quite as stimulating and energizing as going on a walk outdoors, when weather allows. Walking through the neighborhood provides the extra benefit of socializing with friends along the way; or find a wooded trail to enjoy the quiet beauty of nature.
  5. Try something new. Check with the local senior center or gym to find a course the senior might like to try, such as yoga or tai chi. Sign up for the class together and get the extra advantage of establishing some fun new memories with the senior!

At Enhanced Home Care, the leader in home health in Kansas City, it’s always our desire to help seniors enjoy life to the fullest, as well as to continue to stay as active and engaged as possible – boosting both physical and emotional wellbeing. We’re always readily available to supply senior transportation and accompaniment to workout classes or just about any other activities of interest in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Email or call us at 913-327-0000 to make the first step in helping your loved one realize a healthier and happier quality of life!