Improve Memory

The human brain: is there anything more fascinating? Even though we have the benefit of extensive medical advancements these days, there remains so much of the brain’s intricate complexities that we’ve yet to fully comprehend. One thing we are sure of, unfortunately, is the decline in memory our brains encounter as a natural result of aging. But it’s also been discovered that this decline in memory can also be overcome to some extent through neuroplasticity – the development of brand new brain pathways and improvements to existing ones, resulting in the ability to improve memory and cognitive abilities.

Although it might seem like a challenging prospect, the reality is, there are several steps that are quite simple to implement that can bring about these positive changes:

  • Activities to strengthen the brain. Forego those memory-enhancement programs you see on the Internet, and opt instead for activities that provide the opportunity to master a new skill, that are challenging, that offer ongoing development, and that are personally rewarding. Options to consider: learn a new language, pick up a new musical instrument, or try your hand at the arts.
  • Regular exercise. Aerobic exercises enhance the brain’s level of oxygen, and are even more effective when paired with motor skill development and hand-eye coordination activities.
  • Better sleep habits. Although the majority of us would probably admit to getting less than a healthy amount of sleep each night, we might reconsider our sleep habits if we realized the impact it has on our brain health. 8 – 9 hours of sleep is optimal for most adults every night.
  • Enhanced socialization. Staying social can greatly affect our brain health. And since isolation is often a concern for seniors, it’s important to find creative ways to stay social: volunteering, joining a class, or seeking out the services of a companion through a professional senior care agency, such as those at Enhanced Home Care.
  • Lower stress. Ongoing stress can damage not only brain cells but also the hippocampus – the area of the brain in charge of our memory. Help your senior loved ones (and yourself!) to make it a daily priority to engage in relaxing activities: read a book, meditate or pray, listen to soothing music, etc.

For more resources and tips that can help seniors improve memory and enjoy a better quality of life, call on the experts in memory care in Leawood, KS at Enhanced Home Care. We can help older adults in a variety of ways – through transportation to fun events and activities, by participating in exercise programs with the senior, by offering cheerful companionship to reminisce, play games and cards, share in favorite interests together, and more, according to the individual’s particular interests. Call us any time at 913-327-0000 to learn more about memory care Leawood, KS seniors need!