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As you think through the years spent with your sisters and brothers, you can no doubt recollect a variety of fantastic memories: holidays and vacations spent as a family, childhood games you took pleasure in, milestones like graduations, birthdays, and weddings. Still, if we’re truthful, there are also a number of hurts that took place that commonly remain with us even into our adult years. It’s these tough family dynamics that can conflict with our ability to supply the best senior care for our aging parents, as stress can trigger those sibling squabbles to resurface and create revived tension.

Enhanced Home Care, providers of the very best senior home care Kansas City, has the tips below to set aside sibling rivalry issues and place the focus fully on the requirements of your elderly loved ones.

Keep Communication Lines Open. It’s normal to feel left out when one sibling makes senior care decisions without consulting everyone else, preventing the others from giving any input. Good communication should begin well before a care need occurs, if possible. Set a time to meet with all of your siblings together and develop a plan that describes each person’s responsibilities when parental care is necessary, and how decisions will be made and communicated.

Stay fair. Take into account that each of you will be able to make contributions differently. While one sister or brother may live near your aging parents, another may have moved out of state, and it’s unreasonable to assume they can provide the same means and degree of care. Still, there are tactics to make sure that care is as evenly divided as possible; for instance, the long-distance sibling could provide more financial support, help with paperwork, and paying bills online, while those who live closer help with transportation, running errands, housekeeping and personal care assistance, etc.

Find help. Regardless if you and your brothers and sisters get along well, communicate efficiently and have a working plan in place to cover senior care needs, stress levels are increased for all concerned when seeking to sustain a healthy life balance between caring for aging parents and tending to the needs of yourself, your career, children, and home. The ideal answer is to partner with a professional in-home care agency, like Enhanced Home Care, to help with dependable, highly skilled care that allows members of your family to take much needed breaks.

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